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By John Stark on Jun 09, 2024

One word to describe the way she practices. Integrity. Represents her clients and their best interest not in the interest of her billable hours. Have used her for a very toxic case against a bipolar narcissist. Hire wont regret it.

By Janet Tomezsko on Apr 02, 2024

When you need a lawyer you want someone who knows the law, but also cares about you as a person. Ann is a brilliant attorney, who takes care of you like family. I would go to no one else.

By Janet T. on Mar 13, 2024

I met Ann at the worst time of my life when I needed urgent legal care to protect my family. She worked tirelessly and with the speed of light to get us all we needed, to protect my family and help us through very difficult legal issues. She cared about every aspect of what we needed legally and also as a family. She is legally knowledgable and incredibly caring. I continue to use her for my legal needs and refer everyone I know to her who needs her services. Thank you Ann!

By Karen M. on Mar 13, 2024

When I found myself in need of legal representation. I called upon Ann O'Connell to help me navigate a difficult situation. Not only was she knowledgeable but her listening skills and patience put me at ease. She was responsive and kept me informed along the way. I highly recommend Ann.

By Darlene Deo on Mar 13, 2024

I have been working with Ann for 10 years on different legal matters. She works doggedly hard for her clients , has exceptional attention to detail, is knowledgeable, focused and has high ethical standards that drives results I highly recommend her as she is extremely competent in her area of law.

By Jamie C. on Mar 12, 2024

i went to law school with ann and she has proven to be an intelligent and talented attorney. you cannot go wrong hiring her.

By Steve R. on Mar 12, 2024

Ann has handled my divorce with professionalism and thoughtfulness. I am involved in a highly contested divorce with a law firm that is more set on churning the case than finalizing it. Ann's interest is in what is best for me and takes the time to explain it without billing me for every call or email. I would most certainly recommend her for anyone dealing with a complex case or for anyone needing advice or help with settling. She has experience in trial and in dealing with toxic ex-spouses and toxic attorneys.

By JANET on Mar 12, 2024

I hired Ann the day after I found out we needed urgent legal assistance for a emergency order of protection and divorce. I had already spoken with 2 other lawyers that could not help me for weeks. We were in court effectively protecting my family the next morning. Divorce complete in a few weeks. She is brilliant, efficient and also caring. She effectively got us through a horrible process and horrible time. I will keep using her for all the legal needs she can help me with.

By Justin on Mar 12, 2024

Attorneys are notorious for taking advantage of desperate people. Ann is not one of them. She cares more about the client than billing them for every email or phone call. She is a calm presence in the middle of a storm. She works diligently and protects you from future issues as well as current. Highly recommended and will refer to everyone I know.

By Chris on Mar 12, 2024

I had the pleasure of working with Ann recently and was incredibly impressed with her professionalism, expertise, and dedication to my case. She provided clear guidance every step of the way, ensuring I fully understood my options and felt supported throughout the legal process. Her attention to detail and commitment to achieving the best possible outcome truly set her apart from the rest. I highly recommend Ann to anyone in need of top-notch legal representation.

By Julie D. on Mar 24, 2022

This woman is highly unethical, unprofessional and prolonged litigation for my case knowing that I was at the end of a 3 year divorce. She sent me numerous emails in one day, that were 1-3 sentences in length, just to increase my bill. She advised me to take the offer I was given by my husbands attorney, otherwise my parenting time/custody of my child could be threatened. All the while, seeing how my husband and his attorney were using the financial settlement as a means of negotiation for my child's parenting allocation agreement. She did absolutely nothing to confront what was occurring in my case !!! I would not advise my worst enemy to hire this woman for their divorce or custody case !!!

By anonymous on Jan 17, 2020

I retained Ann for my divorce, and I was so happy with her services. She was patient, communicative, and professional. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a great divorce attorney.